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Teen College Girls Playing With Dildos #2 | I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to think. There, etched across the back of my eyelids were the words “Tuition Due”.

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“Yes” I said, as I slowly released my breath. “Excellent! I’ll just need you to sign some papers and show me your proof of age”. “Of course” I handed him my driver’s license, and glanced over the papers he pushed across the desk at me.

“Do you understand the contract?”. “I think so. My employment is by your discretion, I’m guaranteed $100 per night, the house takes half my tips, and I am never to reveal any details about this club to anyone for any reason. What’s this part about ‘private performances’?”.

Erotic Story Teen College Girls Playing With Dildos #2

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“Occasionally, a member becomes quite enamored by a girl and requests a private performance. Whether or not to accept is up to you. You negotiate your own rate and the house takes half. You get your guaranteed $200 in cash at the end of each night, but your gratuities and private performance fees are all collected by the house and distributed at the end of the week. Understand?”.

“Yes”. “Good. Please sign by the x”. I signed my name and handed the papers back to Mr Lewis, who returned my driver’s license. “What next?”. “Return here at six o’clock this evening. George will give you your tool kit, the cost of which will come out of your first week’s gratuities”.

“My tool kit?”. “Sex toys, dear. Can’t have the girls sharing. Not sanitary, you know”. “Oh, of course”. “Take the time to come up with an act”. “An act?”.

“Yes, an act. You’re not going to just walk onstage and get yourself off. You need to come up with some kind of a gimmick. And a stage name as well” Mr Lewis pressed the button on his intercom.

“George. Will you please show Miss Sally out?”. “Yes, sir” came George’s voice. “Sally, nice to have you aboard. We’ll see you at six”. “Yes, see you then”. At five-fifty-five I stood before the gates once again.

I pressed the intercom button and announced myself, all the while fingering my leather satchel absentmindedly. The gates slowly opened, and I took my first steps into my new career.

Before I reached the top of the steps, George had opened the door for me. Unlike this afternoon’s casual dress, now he wore a dark suit and burgundy tie.

“Welcome back, Miss Sally”. “Thank you, George. Please call me Sally”. “Alright, Sally. If you’ll follow me, I’ll introduce you to Amelia. She’s our stage coordinator. You’ll give her your stage name, your music choice, and the theme of your performance. She can also direct you to the dressing room and answer any of your questions”.

“Thank you” I said, following behind him. This time he led me up the staircase and to the right. He stopped at the first door to the right, holding it open for me.

I stepped in to find a well-kept, middle-aged woman leaning on the edge of a desk, applying something with a make-up sponge to the back of a younger Asian woman who was clad only in a pair of demure white panties.

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“Naomi, honey, I keep telling you to stay out of the sun. This aloe should soothe your burn, but try to get one of the girls to rub some cocoa butter on you before you leave”.

“Thanks, Amelia. I’ll do that. Hey, maybe I should get one of the girls to rub cocoa butter on me on stage!”. “That’s an idea! See if Cindy will do it. a six-foot black girl massaging a little Japanese cutie like you should really bring in the green”.

“Ooh! Fantastic! I’ll ask her as soon as she gets here!” Naomi replied, taking the aloe and retreating through a door to the right of the desk. “Amelia” George said.

“This is Sally. She’s starting tonight”. “Sally! Welcome!” Amelia greeted me, extending her hand. I took it, admiring her jewelry and perfectly polished nails. “George” She continued. “Will you bring Sally her kit, please?”.
Erotic Story Teen College Girls Playing With Dildos #2

  • “Of course” he replied, shutting the door behind him. “First thing’s first” Amelia began. “All the girls call me Amelia. Nobody else is allowed to, only my girls. Secondly, I’ll need to know the stage name you want to use”.
  • I cleared my throat. “I’ve decided to go with Sarah”. “Sarah”. Amelia smiled broadly. “I like it. Does it fit your act, though? What are you doing? What’s your music?”.
  • I reached into the outer satchel and pulled out an old cd single. “Britney Spears” I said. “Okay. I’ll have Mario put this in a loop. What kind of costume did you bring?”.

I set the satchel down on the desk and unbuckled it. “I went to private school before I came out here. So I brought my uniform” I told her, pulling out the gray flannel vest and pleated skirt.

“Excellent! Ooh, and your hair’s nice and long, you should do braids”. “Yes, I was planning on it”. “Perfect. Is your pussy shaved?”. “Excuse me?”. “Your pussy. If you’re going to do an act like this, you shouldn’t have a hairy bush”.

“Um, I have a Brazilian”. “Even better. Waxing lasts longer”. At that moment, George returned carrying a large, deep leather briefcase. “Thank you, Sweetie!” Amelia said, taking it from him.

Tube Novel Teen College Girls Playing With Dildos #2

“Always a pleasure” George replied on his way out the door. Amelia set the briefcase on the desk and snapped open the fasteners. She lifted the lid to reveal a wide variety of sex toys.

There was a riding crop and several shapes of slappers held into the lid with clips. Amelia grasped a two small handles on either side and lifted out the tray to reveal even more toys and a large bottle of lubricant in the bottom section.

There were a variety of butt plugs, dildos and vibrators, ranging in size from slim to huge. My gaze settled on a mammoth black realistic dildo. Amelia caught my gaze and said “That one has a suction base so you can ride it”.

I smiled at the thought of impaling myself on that massive toy. I was beginning to get aroused. “These are mine to keep?” I asked. “Yes, honey. The cost comes out of your first week’s gratuities. We’ll give you a locker to store your things, but should you choose to leave us the toys are yours to take home”.

“Wonderful” I smiled. Amelia smiled back. “I think you’ll be just fine here, Sarah. Let me show you the dressing area”. Amelia put the toys back in the briefcase and snapped the lid shut.

I stuffed my uniform back into my satchel, and followed her through the same door Naomi had used. We were in a small hallway with two doors, one to the right and one to the left.

Amelia grabbed the door handle to the left and led me into a traditional theater dressing room. “Girls” Amelia announced. “This is Sarah. She’ll be joining the team starting tonight”.

“Hi Sarah” several voices said at once. “Hi” I replied. “Who’ll mentor tonight?” Amelia asked. “I will” offered a tall, dark-haired woman in her thirties. “Thanks, Aletta” Amelia said, heading back out the door.

“Hi Sarah, I’m Aletta” She pronounced it ‘reg-eye-nah’, British style. “Clever name” I said. “Rhymes with”. “Exactly!” she replied with a laugh. “Let’s get you a locker and get you changed into your gear”.

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