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Favorite Moment In Sex – I go to a salon for a couple reasons. One, I’m not convinced I can get anything other than a great shave at a barber, two, I have nothing in common with the kind of men who go to a barber and three, I love being around women, especially in an environment which is primarily theirs.

About two years ago, I changed where I get my hair cut. The reasons why I changed aren’t important but this one is a good place because my stylist, Bob knows how to give a good haircut. She has a good ear for what I want and she has amazing attention to the detail of the cut. She’s also not intimidated by the fact that I have a definite idea of how I want my hair to look.

Bob’s chair is next to Eva’s. When I would sit down, I would try to position the chair so that Eva was off to my left and within my peripheral vision because Eva is stunning to me. She is about 5′ 7″ with well-groomed brunette hair that is cut just below her shoulder. She has gentle but quietly intense brown eyes that convey a rare mixture of confidence and humility. She’s a beautiful woman but she doesn’t carry herself as if her entire personality is based on being beautiful.

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She tends to wear earth tones and she has no need to use a lot of makeup. She grooms herself well but she doesn’t overdo it. I imagined that if I went into her bathroom, she wouldn’t’ have it stuffed with bottles of partially used cosmetics. She strikes me as a woman who has found what she likes in her grooming products and she uses them sparingly. In other words, her beauty doesn’t come from containers of makeup but from the sparing use of it.

When I snuck looks at her while Bob cut my hair, I observed over the course of time that she had a tribal tattoo on the base of her spine and a tummy with the right amount of softness so that her tummy stuck out just a bit out from under her short-cropped shirts. Her skin had a sheen to it that just invites me to think of spending an evening snuggled on the couch while I idly caress her as we watch a movie. I would sneak peeks at her and then occupy my mind with thoughts of exploring her skin while idly listening to Bob’s mindless chatter. I would imagine what her C-cup breasts would feel like the first time I felt them in my hand, how her nipple would taste in my mouth and whether she would moan as I traced the contours of her breasts with my tongue. My haircuts were always over way sooner than I wanted.

After I had been to see Bob several times, I began to listen in on Eva’s conversations and I would jump in with a smart ass comment once in a while. I have an odd sense of humor and some people just don’t get it. But Eva did. She would giggle at my dumb puns and a few times enthusiastically laughed at good jokes. Yet, she would never make eye contact with me. I always felt this was not because she was shy but because she was teasing me with her aloofness. She had caught me sneaking glances at her and I doubt I’m as unobvious as I’d like to think I am when I flirt. Though she teased me, I never got the sense that she was being mean about it. Consequently, I didn’t give up on flirting with her.

One time during a cut, I had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is tucked back in the corner and there’s all kinds of crap around the area. Sometimes, if they have just received shipments of products, the area is cramped, as it was on this day. I came around the corner and Eva was talking intensely with another stylist. Neither of them saw me, so without really thinking, I said, “Excuse me,” and touched her hip with my hand as I angled around her. There was something about touching her there that electrified me. I hadn’t planned on touching her but when it happened, it affected me. Touching her on her hips enticed me, in large part because she didn’t recoil or withdraw.

When I came out, she was there and it was obvious she was waiting for me. She looked me in the eyes for the first time and her eyes scanned me in a confident and polite manner. She didn’t stare and she wasn’t lewd about it. She just took me in. And then she scooted around the corner ahead of me and let me watch her walk to her chair.

Over my next few haircuts, Eva made more eye contact with me and she joined in the conversations Bob and I had. One fall evening, as I arrived for my appointment, she met me at the door, touched my shoulder and asked if she could take my coat for me. Ordinarily, the cute but skill-less college girls who worked the front desk would take it so Eva’s effort was not part of the normal pattern of customer service. When I handed her my coat, I could see the gentle curves of her cleavage and the softness of her skin. I wanted to lay my face on her breasts and have her play with my hair. I couldn’t be certain but it seemed her back straightened subtly as my eyes scanned across her breasts. It was as if she were presenting them to me. We made eye contact and then easily looked away, breaking the moment on purpose.

During my next cut, Bob was chattering away about an Orlando vacation and I saw Eva lean over to get something from her station. In one view, I was able to see the fullness of her breasts mostly hidden by a low-cut and tight shirt, just a hint of her tummy over the top of her jeans and her tribal tat framed by light pink panties. The effect was stunning and I could feel my face’s expression shift to one of awe. Not overtly obvious but not particularly subtle either. She turned and smiled at me. Her brown eyes were warm and deep and they were clearly inviting me to her.

After my cut was done, Eva cashed me out. While I am not necessarily the smoothest of men, I nonetheless knew that there was mutual interest and so I casually asked her if she would like to grab a coffee after she was finished with work that night. She said, “I’d love to. You can pick me up at 9:20,” and she handed me my credit card and signed receipt.

Sex Story Favorite Moment In Sex

We went on several dates and had no difficulty talking with each other. We didn’t see a movie until the third date, mostly because I prefer talking during the first few dates. During the movie, we held hands and I caressed her knee. After the movie was over, I helped her put on her coat from behind. I could smell her. It was her hair, her body, maybe her perfume but it wasn’t an obvious fragrance. It was simply the smell of Eva. I leaned into her from behind and let her hear me softly smell her and quietly mmmmm’ed into her ear. “You smell so good.” She smiled at me, took my hand and led me out of the theater into the lobby.

Our fifth date involved me coming over to one of her friend’s house with her for a small gathering of friends. We sat around and made jokes, talked politics, current events, music, movies… whatever came to mind. The conversation flowed and there was an easiness among her friends and their boyfriends that just helped me relax and settle in. It’s always hard for me being a new guy among an established group of friends because I’m a little bit shy at first. But she must have laid the groundwork well with them because they all seemed to know me and they liked me.

At one point, when the party had temporarily broken up as people got drinks and food, she leaned over and said, “I want you to take me home.” She didn’t say it with urgency so I decided to take our time in making our departure. About 40 minutes later, we were putting our coats on and saying cheery goodbyes. As I closed the door behind me, I heard her friend Karen say, “They just fit together.”

As soon as the door to her house was closed, I turned to her, pressed her up against the door and kissed her. Our mouths not fully open and our lips doing all the work of kissing, we gradually built up one another’s arousal. I broke from her lips and my mouth roamed her neck, kissing her skin with subtle lip movement, sometimes softly sucking her skin into my mouth, sometimes using the tip of my tongue to trail around the skin of her jaw and neck. She took my face in her hand and pulled me back to kiss her lips.

A lot of people use too much tongue when kissing. It’s just a lazy, blunt way of kissing that says the kisser doesn’t have the patience to build arousal slowly. Eva didn’t make that mistake. The tip of her tongue first touched my lower lip with a quick, light caress. It was over in a moment but its sensuality increased my arousal. After a few soft lip kisses, her tongue came back to my mouth and found my tongue. We both moaned softly as we combined lip kisses and probed one another’s tongues.

Once again, I broke away from the kiss and I tasted the skin of her neck as I kissed up to her ear lobe. My breathing was harder and she moaned as she heard the passion in my breathing. I took her lobe into my mouth, which caused her to reflexively bend her knees slightly and press her hips against mine. As I sucked her lobe and traced the curves of her ear with my tongue, my left hand moved up her torso just under her breast. Her hands were in my hair as she pulled me closer to her ear. A deep, soft moan, almost like a groaning sigh, came from her as I rubbed my hand along her torso and lightly dragged my thumb along her breast.

Her mouth found my neck and as she kissed it, her hands went under my shirt, flat against my body as she moved them up to my chest. Her fingers ran through my chest hair and she instinctively tugged at the hair, which I completely love. My moan encouraged her to do more of the same with one hand while the other circled my nipple. I was crazy hard for her and I pressed my erection against her body. I could feel her push back against me and then I felt her pull one hand from under my shirt to grab my ass and pull me hard against her mound.

Her breathing was intense. It wasn’t loud or raspy but it was intense. I don’t know how else to describe it. She pulled back away from our kissing and said, “I wanted you on our first date and when you didn’t do anything, I wanted you more. You’ve been teasing me for too long. I’m not waiting any more…” and with that, she peeled away from me and walked back to her bedroom.

I followed her with an incredibly hard erection that was trying admirably to tent my jeans. The blood in my dick was throbbing, I could feel my pulse in my dick. When we were both in her room, we resumed kissing while we removed each others clothes. When I took her shirt off and saw her breasts cradled by a crème white bra, I lost my breath. Her breasts were beautiful, so beautiful. Her skin had a delicious sheen and her breasts were speckled with cute moles. Her nipples were hard and pushing the fabric of her bra out. The sensuality of seeing her aroused nipples had me feeling insanely horny and eager to be inside her.

We took our own pants off and my dick proudly jutted out in my boxers. I’m not porn star huge but I have a good length and she smiled as she surveyed the light blue tent that was popped out at my waist. I reached behind her to remove her bra and then I laid her down.

I love breasts. I love the shape, their warmth and their beauty. I love how I feel when I’m sucking a nipple or cupping one in my hand. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. I feel comforted by breasts. Giving love to a woman’s breasts relaxes me even as I am fully hard and ready for sex. Eva’s breasts felt so good in my mouth and in my hands. I caressed them, I used my tongue to lick the skin at the boundary of each breast and her body. I’ve found it’s a sensitive and neglected erogenous zone for some women. It was for Eva because as I loved this area of her breast, her hips rose up reflexively and she moaned more loudly than she had at the door.

She reached over to grab my hip and pulled me to move on top of her. Taking her not-so-subtle hint, I laid on her so that my hardness was lined up against her still panty-covered mound. I began to grind my hardness against her as I continued my attention on her fantastic breasts. Her nipples were narrow and seemed to be about average in length. She seemed to enjoy how I tongued the top of each one as I sucked on them. I would alternate between sucking her nipples, kissing her neck and tasting her mouth as I pressed my dick against her.

“I can’t take this anymore. I want you in me.”

One of my favorite moments in sex is taking a woman’s panties off. I like to watch her eyes as I kiss down her body. I was looking into Eva’s perfect brown eyes as I kissed her stomach then her pubic bone, still covered by her panties, then I kissed her vagina through her panties. One hand rubbed her pubic bone area and my thumb lingered around her clit but I never actually touched it. Instead I teased her as I kissed the folds of her vagina through her panties, all the while keeping my eyes locked onto hers.

I kneeled up in front of her and grabbed the top of her boy shorts. I watched as she lifted her hips to allow me to pull them off. I was greeting by a beautiful vagina. She had groomed her hair so that her pubic bone area was covered with short hair that diminished in density along the length of her vagina. The bottom part was completely shaved. After I pulled them off, I smelled them and said, “You smell wonderful. I love how you smell.” And then I lay down between her legs and played with her vagina for a few minutes.

She was very wet. Her outer folds were glistening with her juice. As my fingers lightly ran over her labia, she reached down to rub her clit. I had never had a woman feel that comfortable with me to rub her clit in front of me and it was incredibly sexy.

Eva leaned up and pulled me up with her, kissed me and then kneeled in front of my still tenting boxers. She pulled the waist down and took me into her mouth. The way she used her tongue and created vacuum was exquisite. I played with her hair and just as I was really getting into the sensation of being in her mouth, she pulled away and said, “You can have more later,” as she took my boxers off in not exactly the most elegant manner.

She then pulled me on top of her as she laid back down on the bed. We looked at one another’s faces as I angled my hardness into her. I let just the head enter her vagina and then did a few seconds of short strokes that let little more than my head into her. She smiled while complaining, “Stop teasing me!”

I then laid all my body on hers, buried my face in her neck and pushed my dick deep inside her. We both moaned with pleasure. Her vagina was so warm. I couldn’t believe how warm she was for me. I lifted up my head to look at her and said, “God damn, you feel so good, so warm…” I think I was whimpering as I said that. She completely took me into her and then pulled me in even deeper. Her hips rose up and she ground her clit against me.

I lifted my body up with my arms and began pressing my hardness into her. It took a few minutes for me to find the angles that gave us both pleasure. I would change the directions I moved into her and would try to find out what pleased her based on how her body moved or the sounds that came out of her. As I made love to her, our bodies found their rhythm. She would move her vagina and her hips to create delicious sensations on my dick. Her body moved with sensuality and sexiness. She was comfortable with her sexuality and as we moved together, each of us released more of our passion with our sounds, our movements and the way we just seemed to connect with each other.

After maybe ten minutes of me on top of her, I got off her and asked if she wanted to do doggie style. Her sly, luscious grin and comedic “Yummy!” told me what I needed to know. I’m not really big into tattoos but when I lined up my dick to enter her from behind, something about her tat and her tanned back, with even more cute moles, enticed me. I grabbed her hips and entered her vagina. A guttural moan came from me as I pushed into her. The pace of my movements increased and I fucked her with increasing force. I wasn’t jackhammering her but I was feeling more and more urgent, like I needed to get as much of myself into her as I could. The force I used was an attempt to get myself deeper into her.

She began to make noises that were incoherent. Just syllables of sexual arousal, almost like babbling and moaning. Each thrust brought a different syllable or groan. Sometimes she would moan “Yes!….” or “Uuunnggh.”

I told her that I was getting close. “Then let’s lay down again. I want to see your face when you cum in me.”

So we shuffled our bodies around and I moved into her again. This time, I moved slowly and deeply. My best orgasms are when I’m moving slow and deep. I watched her body as I moved in her. Her breasts swayed in response to my thrusts. Periodically, she would lift her hips to meet me but most of the time she simply changed the angle of her vagina by arching her back or she would tighten herself on my dick. She seemed to have an intuitive sense of what pleased me.

Eva played with my chest as I angled into her vagina. Then she pulled me down on her so that my whole body was on hers. She then rubbed my backed with her fingers in time with my thrusts into her. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tight into her when I pushed in. I could feel my orgasm rising within my balls. They were moving and contracting in my sac as I pressed into Eva’s vagina with longer strokes and greater pauses between each thrust. My orgasm was building and Eva could read me.

She started to coo, “Yes, yes honey. You feel so good. Cum in me. God, I need you to cum inside me.” Her moaning was more intense. Her eyes closed more often. Once, her eyelids fluttered and I could see her eyes were rolled back. Her legs pulled me tighter and her hands were all over my body.

“I’m close, Eva. I’m going to cum in you.”

“Oh God yes, yes, me too.”

My spasm pulsed through me. My balls contracted and I could feel my semen rise up from my balls and into Eva. My hips bucked reflexively. I gave her more of my seed with each thrust into her. I watched her face as her orgasm washed over her. Incredible. She started out with this quiet, imperceptible moan that rapidly built to a louder moan that was full of sexual emotion and release. The moan morphed into a passionate:




Her vagina contracted on me several times and this caused me to have a smaller less intense orgasm on the heels of my primary one. This had never happened to me with a partner before, though I had been able to experience it when I jacked off.

I collapsed on top of her and all that was heard was our labored breathing. We were covered with light sweat and the smell of orgasms filled the air. It was the smell of some very sweet, very delicious sex. I stayed inside her as my cum and her oil mixed together in her vagina. My face was on her breasts and I watched them move up and down as she breathed.

Gradually, our breathing slowed and my dick began to lose its hardness. I leaned up on her and looked at her face. She was stunning in her post-orgasmic glow. Her eyelids were a little low and her eyes looked utterly relaxed and happy. She reached up and ran her finger over my lips as she moaned, “Mmmmmm yummy.” I smiled and said, “Indeed.” Then I felt her pussy pulse around me one more time.

We walked into the shower and washed one another’s bodies. I was hard again and I pressed my hardness against her ass as I washed her breasts from behind. She reached back and guided me into her and then leaned forward to give me better access and control. With my hands on her hips, I fucked her pussy from behind. The sex was faster, a little bit harder and quicker. In maybe five minutes it was over. We turned to face each other and washed one another under the water again.

We finished our shower and crawled into bed. I spooned her from behind and we fell asleep together.

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